Dear Balboa friends,

A new edition of Sitges Balboa Beach is comming.

This year 2023 we will celebrate our 5th festival anniversary and we have very interesting news about it.

First novelty is our new location: the centenary CASINO PRADO SUBURENSE, an historical facility located in Sitges down town and wich is carrying out and important cultural activity in the city. Here in this exceptional place, we will have the pleasure to have a new meeting with all of you.

Another novelty are the new dates for the event. It is from April 20 to April 23. This is because out from the high season (summer months) prices are significative cheaper and also as we are talking about the city down town, where gastronomic offer is wide (restaurants, bars, Little hotels, lodging houses, …)

It is also important to mantion that April 23 is a very special day in Catalonia since it is our bank holiday. It is SANT JORDI, a very beautiful day to all of us since it is typical to have all streets plenty of book markets and flowers, as well as a wide offer of cultural events. We are specially proud of it and we want to share it with you.

So we strongly request you to take profit of this opportunity to come here and enjoy! If it is your first time you will be caught by the magic of the all event!

Came to SBB’23! You will be thrilled about it!!