JUNE 22 to 25


From Balluga’t dance school, we are offering four days of Boogie-Woogie and Balboa workshop with International and local teachers, to warm up before the Sitges big show.

Teachers description

Markus & Bärbl

Video dance boogie


Markus video dance killer boogie

Rosa & Joe

Timetable and classes

The classes will be given to the magnificent facilities of our school (C/ Tomàs Edison, 20, Castelldefels).

Balboa Workshop

  • Intermediate and advanced levels, a daily hour of Balboa class during the four days, with Markus & Bärbl
  • Beginners level, one and a half daily hour of Balboa class with Rosa & Joe

Boogie-Woogie Workshop

  • All levels have five hours of Boogie-Woogie class, along the four days, with the International teachers Markus & Bärbl

Boogie-Woogie Solo

  • Learn a Boogie-Woogie’s routine with the fantastic Markus & Bärbl

Balboa Routine

  • Learn a funny Balboa Routine with Rosa & Joe

Social dance parties

Every night will have a social dance party with Boogie-Woogie and Balboa DJ to a magnificent dance floor and environment

¡¡ Tuesday night is the Saint John’s Eve and will happen unexpected surprises!!

The Thursday night party is already the pre-festival Sitges party and it will be at the venue hotel.

Surroundings and possibilities, school

Castelldefels is a city which is open to the sea with 300 days of sun each year and 5-km-long strip of find sand beach, located 18 minutes of the city of Barcelona and 10 minutes to Sitges, awesome option to get some days of fun and relax.

Balluga’t is a referent Swing dances school at the area, with long background as dance, sport and wellness space.


Boogie-Woogie workshop -> 100€
Boogie-Woogie routine -> 40€
Balboa workshop (int & adv) -> 80€
Balboa Workshop (beginners) -> 60€
Balboa Routine -> 40€