4 parties:

Thursday, “Welcome party” with DJ.

Friday, live music and DJ’s.

Saturday, principal party vintage live music and DJ.

Sunday, goodbye party with live music and DJ.

Adrian Cunningham

Guest artist during all the weekend.

 Adrian Cunningham, master of metal instruments, appears again in Sitges as a guest artist to delight us in each of his appearances. His kindness and closeness make him a person who connects quickly with the public.




Friday, 20 of July 2018

This band formed in Barcelona and capitaned by the musician Dani Alonso, brings together in this sextet excellent professionals who know how to connect with the rhythm that the public needs.


BJO Barcelona Jazz Orquestra

Saturday, 21th of July 2018

The BJO (Barcelona Jazz Orchestra) is an authentic Big Band created in Barcelona by 18 professional musicians.

This band transmit the swing with the maximum of precisions, achieving to impregnate the space for the public to go back to the 30 ‘.


Mandarin Swing

Sunday, 22nd of July 2018

“Mandarin Swing” is an instrumental group that recovers the dance repertoire of the 30 ‘and 40’. It was born in 2015 on the initiative of two of its members, also balboa dancers, in the face of the need to find live music suitable for dancing this style. The group’s goal is to fill the dance floors with enthusiasm, energy and good music.


Dj. Kay (UK)

As a dancer, Jon Djs for dancers.  His pulse heavy sessions have seen him recognized as one of the most highly regarded Djs in the local swing scenes of Zaragoza and Barcelona.  

He has Djed both nationally and internationally at events such as Birmingham Swing Festival, Madrid In Pulse, Valencia Balboa Exchange and Barcelona Balboa Weekend, where he was recently voted best Dj.  

He is always searching for more music to put a smile on your face and a shuffle in your feet.





Dj. Jesús Races (ESP)

DJ at Balboa events, both local, in Madrid, and international: Sitges Balboa Beach, Madrid in Pulse, Valencia Balboa Exchange.

 For Balboa I prefer the sound of the classic bands of Swing like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Lionel Hampton or Duke Ellington, this is what predominates in my repertoire. But depending on the type of event, the time and energy of the track, I tend to evolve towards more modern sounds like Jonathan Stout or Professor Cunningham. Although I always keep in mind the roots of New Orleans with people like Palmeto Bug Stompers or Gentlement & Gangsters and even the music of Garage Balboa like that of the Dizzy Birds.

 Current Balboa projects in which I am involved, Big South School, “Madrid in Pulse – Madrid Balboa Festival”, “The Balboa Camp Factory”, WeBal – Balboa teachers collective in Madrid.




DJ. Florent Gardeur (FR)

Florent gardeur,  from toulouse, is regular dj balboa for several years. It animates and deejaying once a month the Balboa Brunch event. He also deejaying Balboa in other place In France (Paris,…)  and Barcelona for parties and workshop.








DJ. Manel (CAT)

From Barcelona, ​​Dj Manel is habitual in the local scene giving sessions in different venues and events where Balboa is danced. His repertoire deals with special attention to the classics of the great American bands and also European. However there is always a moment for the scene manouche, dixiland, or curious versions adapted by contemporaneous bands.