Be sure to check our level descriptions to find out which level is best for you. We trust your honest evaluation to create a workshop environment that is successful for all attendees. PLEASE, CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL HONESTLY!


  • INTERMEDIATE:  you have been taking classes and participating in parties at least a few months to 1 year. You master the basics of balboa and want to learn new steps and movements.
  • INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED: you have been attending classes for more than 1 or 2 years, participating in parties and an international event. Your basic is solid and dancing in quick times is easy for you. At this level you will improve the technique.
  • ADVANCED: you dance Balboa regularly for 3 years or more, participate in parties and attend international events. You are an experienced dancer, you have musicality, originality and ability to dance in all rhythms.
  • ADVANCED PLUS: this level is for the very experienced Balboa dancer: if everyone wants to dance with you when you are on the dance floor. You definitely have your own personal style when you dance. You feel good dancing songs of all rhythms up to more than 220-240 beats per minute. You are a key balboa dancer in your local scene and maybe you teach Balboa classes regularly. You feel comfortable demonstrating your technique, association skills, style and musicality in front of others.