DJ. Kate Hedin (USA)

Being a conservatory-trained musician, Kate has a deep understood knowledge of elegant catfights. She also has a great appreciation for jazz music. Kate is a regular DJ at Washington DC’s The Jam Cellar, and at swing dance events across the nation. Her ear for music is in such high demand that she has arranged competition music for national events like The International Lindy Hop Championships, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, and Music City Shuffle. Kate favors 1930s and 40s swing, like Chick Webb and Benny Goodman.


Dj. Kay (UK)

As a dancer, Jon Djs for dancers.  His pulse heavy sessions have seen him recognized as one of the most highly regarded Djs in the local swing scenes of Zaragoza and Barcelona.

He has Djed both nationally and internationally at events such as Birmingham Swing Festival, Madrid In Pulse, Valencia Balboa Exchange and Barcelona Balboa Weekend, where he was recently voted best Dj.

He is always searching for more music to put a smile on your face and a shuffle in your feet.


DJ. Manel (CAT)

From Barcelona, ​​Dj Manel is habitual in the local scene giving sessions in different venues and events where Balboa is danced. His repertoire deals with special attention to the classics of the great American bands and also European. However there is always a moment for the scene manouche, dixiland, or curious versions adapted by contemporaneous bands.