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Dear Friends and colleagues from BALBOA!

After two years of terrible covid pandemic, we come again to celebrate our SITGES BALBOA BEACH event!!!

It is with a lot of joy , desire and illussion that we have prepared this 2022 EDITION, that this year it will be celebrated in Exchange format…. Whyyy?

Because we sincerely think that to cellebrate today an Exchange experience will bring us a lot of happyness if we compare it with some months ago… May be in the near future we can offer and present again this festival with all the typical historic elements.

But now we have the pleasure to introduce this edition with less class-hours, but more social dancing, with playful activities, cultural and gastronomic.

And all the above without forgetting that we are very near a precious and fantastic beach!!!

We will also enjoy of very nice musical selection with DJ and live music with fantastic bands which will wrap you in a magical BALBOA environment.

So… do you need more reasons to come???? Let´s go, please come and enjoy, we are BALBOA!!!


Big hug dear Friends, see you soon!